Reviewing Basic Print Penmanship

Remember when you hated handwriting assignments? Well, let’s bring some fun to it. Basic print penmanship is a foundation for moving forward with calligraphy and creative lettering. I promise that it won’t stay boring.


Once again we’re going over a review of LYL1 material. Today we will practice basic print penmanship with each of our pens. These simple alphabets will build our confidence to get creative later in the series.

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Turn to a clean page in your practice notebook and lets get started with print penmanship.

I’ll be practicing with pencil, fine pen, and a brush pen this week. Please use whichever writing tools are your favorite and on-hand.


Here is the original post to help you: Refining Your Handwriting

Refining Your Handwriting, get back to basic penmanship

I ran through this drill in plain and italic print. My plain print is very vertical and the italic works at a slight slant.

Practicing penmanship with various pen tools makes it a little less mundane.


Each pen you use will behave a little differently. I was working through this drill a little too quickly, causing my ink to skip a bit. If you experience the same thing, slow down, clean the nib, or try re-positioning the angle of your grip. One or more of those will usually clear up any pen issues you encounter.

If you’re a lefty like me, you may experience ink skipping even more with gel pens, as we tend to push the pen thus causing dry ink to occasionally clog the tip. I keep a scrap paper on my desk to roll the nib when needed.

The brush pen can be used for more than calligraphy.

Print and italic can be practiced with a brush pen. This is a fun way to have your handwriting take on a new look without yet mastering brush calligraphy.


Video demonstration of print penmanship:

Next session we’ll review cursive penmanship.

Time to brush up those skills in preparation for brush lettering.

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4 thoughts on “Reviewing Basic Print Penmanship

    • Thank you so much! I was hoping these would be helpful. Now that I’m getting a routine down with these, I’m ready to fully tackle the LYL1 videos. 😉

  1. Hi Lisa…have been working on Part 2 of Love Your Lettering, but the following links are not clickable, and I had no luck finding them with the search. Are they still available? Thanks for your help

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    • Hi Phyllis, I ran into some trouble towards the end and the posts were not published. The videos are on YouTube though. I’ll be posting the articles soon.

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