Reviewing Basic Cursive Penmanship

Script, flowing, effortless… Do these describe your cursive penmanship?

If you said no, you are NOT alone! Many of use trudged through cursive handwriting in elementary school and left it in the dust as we developed a hybrid natural hand. I know I certainly did.


Today we’re going back to school with cursive penmanship review.

If you would like to see the full tutorial, go visit the post on Refining Your Handwriting and scroll down to the cursive samples.

Refining Your Handwriting, get back to basic penmanship

Similarly to when we were practicing basic print, work on keeping your letters open and spacious. Slow down from your natural handwriting when you are working on improving the cursive penmanship.


Today I only worked the alphabets and numbers in pencil and ink pen. I’m saving the brush pen for tomorrow!



Most of us have a personal style to our script handwriting, but for the purpose of basic review in preparation for brush lettering, I’m going back to plain old-fashioned proper cursive.



Here is the video of my cursive penmanship practice.

What are some variations you like using in cursive writing?

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