Planning for (Blog) Success in the New Year

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Using the Blog Success Planner from Inspired Bloggers University.

Like any good #plannergirl, I have a couple few number of planners. Each one has a different purpose and use. With so many planners, my life must be in complete order, right?

More than just a calendar, the Blog Success Planner is a practical road map to achieving your vision for online community. -

Nooooooooo. It’s not (and I still tend to be a bit scattered).

This year, however, I’m reclaiming the chaos! I’ll be writing up posts describing each one of my planners over the next few weeks to help hammer out why I’ve chosen each one and how I intend to use them to help keep me moving forward with my word for the year, FOCUS. I will be the first to admit I’m way too type-b to consider myself truly type-a. So using my planners is about a lot more than keeping track of appointments, they’re a place to reflect, access, and document.

Let’s start by digging into the Blog Success Planner.

Laminate a cover and checklists pages to create a wet or dry erase dashboard in your Blog Success Planner.

I first downloaded my copy of the Inspired Bloggers University Blog Success Planner in November. I’ve been a fan of Tabitha’s classes for a while, she breaks down blogging information into do-able tasks for someone like me that loves to write and share but dislikes the ‘business’ side of blogging. Vince gifted me a Lifetime Membership as an investment into building my community, this past fall.

In fact, that investment was just one month before I planned the #LoveYourLettering series that introduced me to many of you! As you can imagine, I’d whole-heatedly say that implementing the lessons learned from Inspired Bloggers University will help you refine your vision for writing and cultivating an online community.

Back to the Blog Success Planner…

As a Lifetime Member I had an early start using the Blog Success Planner. The first thing I realized was that I wanted a number of the inserts printed and bound for my traveler’s notebook, so that it would be truly portable for evenings I get away from home to spend some time on writing dates. When I showed Tabitha what I had done, she graciously decided to reformat the original planner for practical use in a traveler’s notebook (or any A5 planner) and I got to create the cover art for the booklets!

The Bare edition of the Blog Success Planner gives me the freedom to decorate and coordinate my planner to my site!


The new format is an excellent portable compliment to the complete (desk) planner. I’m making use of both!

I’ve printed the sections that will require my monthly or annual review, for a desk planner contained in a binder. The eight sections that I most frequently turn to are printed for my traveler’s notebook.

A dry erase daily checklist and social media planner are part of my traveler's notebook set-up of the Blog Success Planner.

I also laminated four of the pages in the Blog Success Planner to use as a dry/wet erase dashboard of blogging checklists!

Make the planner your own to be sure you use it!

How many of us buy planners, only to store them on the shelf because they’re just not fully functional for our needs, or we just don’t know where to start? Tabitha has a number of Periscope’s archived on Katch that teach how to effectively USE the Blog Success Planner, so that you’re not spending money on a resource that you’re not certain how to use. I feel like those scopes alone were a mini webinar.

Including a brainstorming or brain dump notebook in my Blog Success Planner gives me plenty of room to jot new ideas, notes from online courses, or my favorite Periscope broadcasters!

This will be where I plan my editorial calendar and brainstorm my posts (one of the many reasons I’m always open to your feedback). There’s enough room to hammer out ideas, but it is small enough to grab and toss in my favorite bag as I head out the door.

I know that making full use of this resource will build in accountability to my year. Over and over I’ve found that the times I feel the most overwhelmed, are those times when I’m lacking a clear framework for moving forward and a place to plan real achievable aspirations.

Are you a #plannergirl, too? Which planners are you using this year?





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  1. Great one! No doubt about it, the thought of homeschooling through high school can strike fear into the hearts of the staunchest believers in home education. The good news is – it doesn’t have to! I’m not a homeschooling parent, but yes I think that a little advance planning can do a lot to put things into perspective when facing high school.

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