Finding Penmanship Inspiration {#loveYOURlettering, Part 2}

Throughout the #loveYOURlettering series catch-up times are built in during the weekends. Sunday’s are the day to gather inspiration for the coming week. This week we will be reviewing some of the basic lessons from #loveYOURlettering: Part 1, so today spend some time browsing Instagram or Pinterest looking for penmanship inspiration.


Keep your eyes open for penmanship samples that inspire you.

You will hear me say it more than a few times during this series, you might even start rolling your eyes the way my teens and tweens do when Vince and I tell corny jokes, but the goal of #loveYOURlettering is not to have your writing look just like mine, or anyone else’s.

Our goal for #loveYOURlettering is to apply penmanship and lettering principles to our own handwriting for improvement and building confidence in our own unique hand.

One way I curate penmanship samples is by looking through Pinterest. Bullet journal groups and tags are also a seemingly endless fount of beautiful handwriting.

I keep a board for lettering and penmanship inspiration. Feel free to check out my Pinterest board, or comment below and share yours!

I also love browsing antique and vintage books in search of old signatures, margin notes, or on rare treasure finds, a letter tucked away. These are a few samples I was lucky enough to uncover in books I purchased locally at Rust.


I would love to see some of your favorite penmanship inspiration. Share here, or on Facebook or tag #loveyourlettering on Instagram to share with the community.


4 thoughts on “Finding Penmanship Inspiration {#loveYOURlettering, Part 2}

  1. I downloaded one of the writing samples on your Pinterest board. It has something like 1,181 characters including swashes, flourishes, and special characters. I broke down the huge images of the lettering into individual pages that can be printed on 8.5 X 11 paper in two PDF files. It’s so folks can print them out and use them as a reference to do their own lettering if they like this style (hand). I’d love to share them, so here is a link to the files on my Dropbox account if you want to make them available.

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