Daily Lettering Challenge Recap: June #justaletteraday

We made it through our first month of daily challenge prompts!

Woot! Woot! …and a #fistbump to all my favorite lettering friends.

#justaletteraday in June Recap with CreativLEI.com

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The good, bad, and ugly…

I finished all 30 prompts.

…but there were a few days that I stacked catch-up when I couldn’t carve out #15minutes2create.

My goal of broadcasting my practice wasn’t met every day, mostly because our wifi and Periscope just aren’t playing very nicely together.

Since I was working on a small section of a notepad, I was able to tuck it into my planner and keep it portable.Which even kept me practicing at a family camp and the emergency room.

I used a very limited number of pens throughout the month (my Fudenosuke soft tip brush pen, 3 sizes of Staedtler Pigment liners, and my Tombow AirPress pen while at the ER), and managed to draw out a multitude of variations, proving to my pen-loving self that I don’t need every pen, just a few trusty and reliable tools!

..but of course when I look through some of your samples, I find pens to add to my wishlist.

Here are the samples of hand-lettered alphabet variations I created this month:

#JustaLetteraDay in June with CreativLEI.com


My favorite was definitely day 30, when I had the opportunity to write many of YOUR names!

Thank you so much for coming on this journey with me. You all make sharing my passions a true blessing!


#justaletteraday in June Names

What did you discover through the month of practice?

If you didn’t finish, don’t sweat it. Life sometimes gets in the way, and that is definitely okay. Pick up when you can, and…

Keep moving forward!

(That’s from one of our absolute favorite lesser-known Disney movies.)

I hope you’ll join in for the July challenge.


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