Catch-up Day! {#LoveYourLettering}

I know you’re looking for today’s assignment, but we’ve had a lot of people join us over the past couple of days and they want to catch-up. Plus, the post I had scheduled for yesterday didn’t go live in time for your daily morning email and I was out at my brother’s wedding all day yesterday, so I couldn’t respond to all of your messages. I’m sorry to keep you all waiting.

Catching up with the #LoveYourLettering challenge. It's not too late to join!

As I mentioned in the series intro, it’s my intention to give you the weekends to catch-up and look for inspiration.

I know we’ve just begun, but today is a great day to browse the hashtag (#LoveYourLettering) and see how everyone is digging in to the challenge. I’ve loved reading different posts of why women are joining with us. You all are really a blessing to me. I’m excited to continue this series with you.

One of the advantages of connecting with you here as well as Periscope is that I can listen to your feedback and make small changes to our schedule to stay focused where we need to.

Tomorrow, we’ll be back on schedule with morning emails and a Periscope broadcast at night.

Thanks again for giving me some of your time each day. I love hearing from you!

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3 thoughts on “Catch-up Day! {#LoveYourLettering}

  1. where is the link to the broadcasts after it leaves periscope? I know you told us but I unfortunately did not write that down. 🙂 Would like to review the first one. thanks looking forward to doing this. 🙂 Thanks for providing this free.

    • Hi Peggy, all of my archived Periscope broadcasts (well, most of them) are available on Katch. I’m trying to include the nightly scopes with their corresponding post, as soon as I catch up.

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