Getting Ready for a Hand-Crafted Christmas

Today is June 25th. That means we’re exactly six months away from Christmas. Don’t look at me like I’m crazy. I KNOW that some of you are just like me… Awesome ideas pinned and supplies on hand for some great handmade gift ideas, but December rolls around and you’ve been caught with your craft down and are scrambling for last minute gift ideas. What? You don’t do that?!?! Liars.

This year I am purposing to do things a little differently.

I’m making a plan… and since I’m sharing it with all of you I am expecting you to hold me accountable! craftdown 2014


Here’s my plan:

On the 25th of each month I’ll post my progress here and you can share yours (I’ll make it a link-up). We’ll encourage each other on the journey and share the ideas we find! I’ll post on my Facebook page for you all to chat about the month’s successes or flops (yes, I have those!) and you can use the comments section here. Then starting in November we’ll check in weekly until the gift-giving is done! It will be a great boost to finish strong. This month we make our list. Sift through those hundreds of pins, double-check your on-hand supplies and jot down some ideas. If you blog, share your ideas in a post and link-up here. If you’re on Instagram or Facebook, share it there.

Let’s use the hashtag #craftdown… it’s our countdown to the hand-made holidays!

Here are some ideas from my list:

  • Homemade extracts – Last year a friend and I created vanilla extract, this year I’d love to try a few others. This needs to be started early so that they’re ready for bottling before the holidays.
  • Christmas pajamas – One of our Christmas Eve traditions is allowing the children to open one present. It’s never a surprise that it’s always a new pair of PJs. Some years I’ve made them… but for the past few several years I’ve bought them. This year if I plan ahead maybe I can get them made!
  • Hair accessories – I’ve picked up lots of supplies from Pick Your Plum… now it’s time to use them!
  • Washcloths – Knitted washcloths are fast to complete and easy to personalize. They’d pair great with hand-made soap (I’ll outsource for that)!
  • Our Jesse Tree ornaments – For the past two years I’ve been working on a hand-stitched set of wool felt Jesse tree ornaments. This year I’d like to have them completed (before Advent begins) …and maybe even release patterns for you to make a set!
  • Dolls and doll clothes – Annalise is ready for a larger doll and the older girls would love more clothes for their American Girl dolls. I have everything I need on hand to fulfill both of these, I just need to set aside the time.
  • Wall art – I’d love to work on personalized pieces for friends and family. I will probably paint and hand-letter frame-able art.

I’m putting many of my ideas (or ‘hopefuls’) onto a Pinterest board.

pinterest craftdown

Do you bake cookies? Create handmade candies? What are some un-crafty ideas for hand-made gifts? I know you all are going to say you’re not creative …and I DISAGREE!

So, are you with me? Can we get a head-start on our holiday gift plans?

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2 thoughts on “Getting Ready for a Hand-Crafted Christmas

  1. I love this idea. I hadn’t even thought about Christmas until I read your post! I’m in for the countdown, I just need to plan gifts. Definitely making pajamas, probably some jewlery, something knitted…

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